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Okay.... T__T Someone teach me how to get the fucking formatting on this site!



I'M BORED (so I'm doing the manly test again...)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 6, 2014, 9:51 PM
This is stolen from :icondancer40320:

01) [X] You own tools that you use regularly (I carry a pocket knife 24/7... it's in my pocket right now.) 

02) [X] You carry a wallet. (In my back pocket!! Do I get  extra points for that?)

03) [X] You prefer movies or shows where there is more action than romance

04) [ ] You spit on the ground when not in a building. (Only due to gum... I don't chew or something.)

05) [X] You scratch where it itches when it itches.

06) [X] Your idea of good footwear is boots or tough tennis.

07) [X] Your wardrobe only changes if you gain weight or the clothes fall apart. (ehehhehehe....)

08) [X] You don't count calories when eating. (Who the fuck does anymore? Now days, people eat or they don't (or barely do). Done.)

09) [X] You have deodorant strong enough to make you socially acceptable, but not strong enough to make you smell like it.

10) [X] You tend to wipe your hands on your clothes instead of a napkin. (Depends on the company I'm in.)

Total So Far: 9

Do you love:

11) [X] Video games (Halo, Final Fantasy, Need For Speed, Assassin's Creed, Guitar Hero... haaaaa...yeah.)

12) [X] Working on mechanical items. (I do more electrical work, but I'll roll with mechanical.)

13) [X] Building things

14) [X] Working out on gym machines (I like.... not love so much. I do love rowing machines, though...)

15) [X] Getting in and out of stores as quickly as possible

16) [X] Football (Denver... lost... Superbowl 48 :iconlazycryplz:)

17) [X] Baseball (I'm a Rockie fan. ^__^ Jason Giambi was my favorite. He's with the Indians now ;;__;; Then I love Helton...and he's retired. WHY are my favorites leaviiinnnnng!?)

18) [ ] Wrestling

19) [X] Boxing/ MMA (MMA!!! WHOO! I love it when they mix Judo and Kickboxing!)

20) [ ] Hunting and/or fishing

Total So Far: 17

Do you shop at:

21) [X] Home Depot 

22) [X] Lowe's (I prefer HD usually, but they both are fine.)

23) [ ] Big and Tall men's stores (hehehe... I'm short. ^_^")

24) [ ] Hunting and Fishing supply shops

25) [X] Auto supply stores or other mechanic shops

26) [X] Hobby shops

27) [X] Comic book stores 

28) [X] Sports supply stores 

29) [X] Video game stores

30) [X] Electronic supply stores

Total So Far: 25

Do you say:

31) [X] Son of a bitch. (heh.)

32) [X] I can fix it

33) [ ] Man-up

34) [X] When I was your age (More often than I like.)

35) [X] Don't be a wuss. (HAHAA)

36) [X] It's just a scratch. (^__^")

37) [X] Take it like a man.

38) [X] That's not how you do it. (I get my ass kicked for this.)

39) [X] Shit 

40) [X] Here's your (fucking whateverthefuckthisis)

Total So Far: 34 (Fuck wasn't here!!! What the fuuuccck?)

Do you read:

41) [ ] Playboy 

42) [ ] Sports Illustrated

43) [X] Comic books

44) [ ] Men's Health, Fitness, and/or Journal 

Total So Far: 35 (eeeeh? There's more male-like mags than this! What about Blender? Hot Rod? Muscle Car Review? Muscle & Fitness? Where are they?)

Have you:

45) [ ] NEVER cross dressed for any reason.

46) [ ] NEVER cried during or after a film/television show.(I'm trying to think. Have I? I don't think so...) 

47) [X] NEVER chose wine over beer/liquor at a party. 

48) [X] NEVER voluntarily attended a baby shower. (I kinda went to one, but I was around 7-8ish. We came, dropped off the gift, said congrats, left. Willingly as an adult? No.)

49) [ ] NEVER said no to going to a strip club when you could afford it. (I'm not legal... yet.)

50) [ ] NEVER shaved/removed your body hair. 

Total: 37

Multiply your total by 2 and then you have your percent:  %74

AAK! It went up!!! O_____O" 

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What Virtual Novel Creator is your favorite? 

1 deviant said Ren'Py
1 deviant said Other (comment below)
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